Holy Writ School, Badlapur
Sanjeevan Vidyalala, Panchgani
Its motto is “Lightening the lamp, brightening the life” and it strongly believes in quality care and education to develop young minds through an innovative method of teaching, training the child to think, analyze and apply knowledge. The school follows CBSE curriculum and English is the medium of instruction; computers are available for the students and evening coaching classes are conducted every day for boarders. The school provides state-of-the art facilities in a very pacified, enthusiastic and ambient environment surrounded by nature.

Sanjeewan Vidyalaya, Panchgani
Sanjeevan Vidyalala, Panchgani
Sanjeewan Vidyalaya has a history of working with socially underprivileged groups. Since 2013 they have been working in partnership with the Government of India to admit about 100 gifted tribal children and to give them access to a well-rounded education. Thanks to its qualified experience and staff, it has developed an understanding of their social and mental construct and is equipped to deal with the challenges faced during the students' stay.

Silverdale High School, Panchgani
Sanjeevan Vidyalala, Panchgani
Silverdale High School is an institute focusing on smaller classes with limited enrollment so as to guarantee special care and attention to students. Its guiding philosophy enhances a comprehensive education that encourages analytical thinking, spiritual and moral development and mutual respect.

Sweet Memories High School, Panchgani
Sanjeevan Vidyalala, Panchgani
The school curriculum and activities encourage the development of leadership, self-confidence, creativity and independent thinking. It is technologically well equipped and has classrooms specifically structured for each subject. The school serves vegetarian meals only.

Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School, Pune
Sanjeevan Vidyalala, Panchgani
The school was established in 1932 and is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Along with co-curricular activities like arts, sports and music, the school places emphasis on leadership and discipline and prepares young boys for a career in the defence force. The school is well equipped with medical facilities, laboratories and a large playground spread over an area of five acres. There is also a swimming pool and a riding ring.