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Atul Khatri
Atul Khatri: Celebrating his birthday with a purpose!

Atul Khatri
Most of us know him as the ‘Face’ of Indian Stand-up Comedy. Atul Khatri- A Mumbai-based businessman who got up late in life and decided to do English Stand-up comedy so that he could tick it off his own bucket list- is an Indian Computer Engineer and a British Management Scholar who brings in a fresh 40+ perspective into the comic world.

And now he’s turning an year older, a bit more wiser and standing close on the threshold of the royal ‘Half-Century’ club.

And what better way than to celebrate this milestone with a purpose!

Atul Khatri is celebrating his birthday with Ra Foundation and invites you all to be a part of his endeavour.

Ra Foundation is a Mumbai based; registered NGO; which strives to provide quality education to talented & deserving children, coming from underprivileged and vulnerable backgrounds.

Currently 45 kids are supported and are enrolled in partner residential schools which provide academic training par excellence and also focus on the extra-curricular activities for overall personality development.

In addition, the well-being of the children is ensured with regular health checks and psychological counselling. The families of the children are also involved to ensure a well nurtured environment for the child at home.

Click here to know more about Ra Foundation
Atul is bringing in his 50th by looking like he is 22, feeling the thrill of being 18 and enjoying like a 10-year-old!

Join him in his quest of celebrating with a purpose.
All monetary gifts will be forwarded to Ra Foundation and are eligible for tax exemptions.
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